NJ resident Alex Rekeda Talks Travel

Alexander Rekeda

November 16, 2020

Alex Rekeda

We have all heard that travel broadens the mind. It’s axiomatic. But seeing other parts of the world is far more than academic. It’s an exercise in perspective. The simple act of seeing how buildings are different in different parts of the world can give you the illuminating sense that things we take for granted or assume are universal are much more malleable after all. The same goes for different ways cities can be designed and styled, how communities form around natural attractions like lakes and mountains. But more than anything, it’s about something indefinable.

Alex Rekeda: Thoughts on Travel


Many people describe the Irish city of Dublin as cozy, but I feel it’s more compact. Narrow streets, walkways, and cramped architecture give off the impression of mindfulness of space. If it wasn’t for the unique charm of the place, the average American might feel claustrophobic.

Dublin is best explored by hiring an Uber for the day and being prepared to do a lot of moving on foot. Bikes are popular here as they are in many European cities. It would take a solid three days to see everything there is to see in Dublin, but more than anything it’s the old churches and cathedrals that are not to be missed.

Save the Jameson Distillery, the Dublin Writers’ Museum, and the Irish Emigration Museum for last and finish your stay off with a traditional Irish night out.

Puerto Rico

With its quaint South American charm and panoramic ocean views, it can be hard not to fall in love with Puerto Rico. The people are delightful, the streets are colorful, and the cocktails are to die for.

You could spend a week exploring the capital city San Juan and never see everything. But the key to enjoying your visit is probably to simply walk the streets by day and save your appetite for the evening. You’ll notice the architecture has a lot in common with that you find in the downtown districts of New Orleans. Everything about it suggests festivity.

If possible, plan your visit to coincide with one of the island’s many annual festivals. You will not be disappointed.

Italian Alps

There may be no mountain range on Earth more magnificent and accessible than the Italian Alps. So it’s no wonder that it has become one of the most popular skiing destinations in the world.

If skiing isn’t your bag, there are other ways to take in the bracing beauty of this location. I strongly recommend hiking the Seceda and visiting the Twin Spires of Pieralongia on your first day. On day two, rest your legs and travel to see the Earth Pyramids of Cruise and Platten by boat.

Ancient, hidden chapels can be found in these areas and the location is stunning.

Of course, this is just a sample of all the rarefied wonders that await the bold traveler. Remember to take the time to consider how people plan, build, and live differently from how we are accustomed to doing. The differences are plain to see, but their importance is subtle. In this way, we may develop a kind of wisdom that sets the finest real estate developers apart from the rest.