Alexander Rekeda Says Sailing is the Perfect COVID-19 Get Away

Alexander Rekeda

November 3, 2020

Alexander Rekeda

Social distancing remains the norm for many in the United States and around the world as the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated. Unfortunately, many remain cooped up inside, and over time, that can leave folks to stir crazy. That’s certainly true for Alexander Rekeda, an avid traveler and sailor. Now, he’s offering tips for fellow explorers stuck at home.

“For me, travel has always offered a way to unwind. Whether it’s Ireland or Ecuador, getting out of the country occasionally helps me to reset my mind,” Alexander Rekeda asserts. “Now, many of us are stuck in our home countries. That means we have to explore local.”

Alexander Rekeda Says Sailing Offers a Great Get Away Amid Pandemic

Even exploring local is hard these days. Many pubs are shut down, or else implementing strict social distancing protocols. Cafes and eateries are much the same. Parks, meanwhile, can be so crowded that it’s hard to find peace and quiet. For Alexander Rekeda, sailing has become a great escape.

“I love sailing, being out on the open water. And right now, with everything that’s going on, sailing provides a much-needed escape,” Alexander Rekeda says. “Enjoy time to yourself or with family on the high seas. When I’m on the water, things feel normal.”

Nearly 4 million people go sailing each year in the United States. Between the Great Lakes and the coasts, there are lots of great sailing opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re sailing in a small skiff or a 50 footer, sailing offers a great way to get out of the house and to connect with nature, according to Alexander Rekeda.

“When you think about connecting with nature,” Alexander Rekeda says, “your mind might first wander to canyons and forests. Hiking is great, but nothing beats sailing in my book. It’s you, the winds, and the water. Sailing takes skill, even a quick trip around the harbor feels like an earned accomplishment.”

Some mental health experts have advised people to pick up engaging hobbies amid the shutdowns. Even if you’re staying in your home or avoiding other people outdoors, a hobby gives you something to focus on. This makes it easier to escape your confines, whether at home or on the ocean.

“I’ve always been big into hobbies, not just traveling and sailing, other things too,” Alexander Rekeda notes. “It gives me something to focus on that’s fun. Sailing is a hands-on activity. It’s easy to lose yourself in the sails and the ocean too. Right now, everyone needs to find an escape. For me, that’s sailing. For you? It might be building model sailboats. In a sense, it doesn’t matter, find an escape that works for you.”

Some experts believe life might not get back to normal until 2022. Even the most optimistic believe that social distancing won’t ease until early 2021, assuming a vaccine reaches the market. In the meantime, finding a good hobby to occupy yourself might be just what the doctor ordered. And if you find yourself on the high seas? You might run into Alexander Rekeda.