Alex Rekeda Discusses Travel to Ukraine and Kiev

Alexander Rekeda

February 9, 2021

Alex Rekeda Discusses Travel to Ukraine and Kiev

Enjoying the Best Attractions in Eastern Europe

Alex Rekeda is discussing the sites, culture, and benefits of visiting Ukraine and its capital Kyiv. This eastern European country is situated west of Russia and borders the Black Sea.

 In Kyiv, Alex Rekeda notes visitors can experience two UNESCO World Heritage sites. The first is Kyiv Pechersk Lavra which translates to Monastery of the Caves. The second site is St. Sophia Cathedral. Both attractions are sure to inspire and exemplify the ingenuity and architectural talent of the Ukrainian people. Kyiv has a vibrant nightlife, and its skyline contains golden-domed churches making for a beautiful landscape.

 Other sites in or near Kyiv worth visiting include the Museum of Folk Architecture and Ethnography in Pyrohiv and the Andriyivskyy Descent. The food of Ukraine is eclectic and can be experienced in the many fine-dining establishments in Kyiv. Borsch is considered by many to be the national dish of Ukraine. However, there are many other dishes worth sampling including roasted pork, veal, lamb, and beef. Miyntsi, which are thin pancakes filled with quark, meat, fruits, cabbage, and sour cream, is a regional favorite.

 Alex Rekeda recommends visiting Kharkiv which is the second-largest city in Ukraine. During the second world war, Kharkiv was occupied by the Germans and was the site of numerous battles. As a result, there are monuments and parks commemorating victories over the fascist forces. Since then, the city has turned into a major hub for education, technology, and innovation. There are also numerous orthodox cathedrals that make for excellent sightseeing.

 Odesa is another major city in Ukraine and hosts a vibrant culture and economy. Alex Rekeda recommends seeing the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, the City Garden, Shevchenko Park, and the many statues dotting the city. For those that enjoy the arts, there are numerous museums to visit including the Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art. The culture and the sites of this city including those commemorating WWII are intriguing.

 Alex Rekeda is a seasoned financial professional with a passion for global travel to places such as Ukraine. He continues to visit Kyiv, Odesa, and other cities within this unique and intriguing country. He also enjoys traveling to Aruba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic among other warm climates and inviting cultures.