Traveling to Curacao? Check Out Alex Rekeda’s Top Restaurant Picks

Alexander Rekeda

December 3, 2020

Alex Rekeda

Curacao has some of the best food in the Caribbean, and travel enthusiast Alex Rekeda is excited to share his top picks. Whether you’re looking to grab some food on the go or you want to sit down for a full fine-dining experience, Curaco’s incredible food scene will always have you thinking about your next meal.


The shore is a fine dining experience located in Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. While Alex Rekeda raves about the freshly caught seafood and spectacular wine selection, the view deserves a mention as well. Situated on the water, the dining room at Shore provides an unforgettable seaside experience with all of the knockout flavors you expect from a true Curacao restaurant.

La Bohème Curaçao

Whether you’re on the hunt for a quick bite on the go or you’re just ready for a casual lunch instead of a formal dining experience, La Bohème Curacao will hit the spot, according to Alex Rekeda. From burgers to dips and smoothies, the quick cafe will have you satisfied with original Curacao favorites. Alex Rekeda recommends trying the crab salad arepas as a starter, no matter what delicious option you choose for your main course.


Located at the water’s edge, Alex Rekeda recommends Scampi’s for fine-dining style food in a more casual setting. Whether you decide to treat yourself to the daily fresh lobster or prefer to dig into more traditional Caribbean flavors like conch, Scampi’s is the perfect spot for dinner at the end of a day of sightseeing and lounging on the beach. Family in tow? No problem – like many restaurants in Curacao, there’s a kids menu readily available.

L’aldea Steakhouse/ Rainforest Mystery

The food at L’aldea is unforgettable, but according to Alex Rekeda, the setting is what makes people keep talking about L’aldea for days. The steakhouse is located in a small rainforest preserve, a stark contrast to the otherwise arid climate of Curacao. The restaurant works to create realistic recreations of Mayan and other ancient cultures. Alex Rekeda recommends taking a tour of the rainforest area before sitting down for a Latin-American inspired dinner.

Another top tip from Alex Rekeda: pick a few hot spots that you’d like to visit while you stay in Curacao, but be open to going somewhere off the beaten path. The culinary scene in Curacao is constantly changing, and you never know what new dining experiences might be waiting for you when you arrive on the island.